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The following links are to pages elsewhere on the internet that may be of interest to our newsletter recipients. The links pertain to architecture, general construction, health tips and other matters that affect us all.


  1. Have you ever wondered how far the typical one dollar bill travels? Now you can check one out yourself. Click on Where's George? and enter the serial number and series number of a bill that's in your wallet.

  2. Whether you agree with the current administration or not, there's no disputing the fact that we're in an economic mess. Who got us there and how it all happened may really just be an academic argument at this point. The more important thing right how is how are we going to get out of it. It's an accepted fact that when the economy hiccups, the design commissions dry up, almost instantly! Other professions (medicine, law, accounting, etc.) keep on an even pace because people still get sick and need treatment, people still get into legal trouble and need counseling (or need to declare bankruptcy) and/or people still need to keep track of their money and financial records, but there is too often heard the statements made to architects "...we'll put off this expansion (or addition) until the economy improves. .." or "...let's wait with this building program until things settle down..." or "...the economy is not just right right now", words architects hate to hear. But I must admit it's much further reaching than just to architects. It involves and affects us all.

  3. Want to see an architect at his/her best? Commission him/her to design your building when the economy is slow and you will get some excellent service! Why? Well, the computers are warmed up, the design juices are still flowing (even though the economy is not encouraging) and there's plenty of time available to consider all possibilities. Seriously, now's the time to plan your next project so that when things loosen up (and they will, eventually) then you're ready to go. And contractors are anxious to do some serious bidding now, too.

    Give us a call and let's discuss your next project. There's time now for careful conceptual planning and preparation of preliminary drawings to be ready to go into the final contract documents phase when the economy does make its turn-around. To see what our background is and how we can help you, click on Clary Architects and see how nicely your project will fit in our fields of expertise.

  4. Wanna know how bad off we really are? Just go to deep pockets and see how fast the U. S. Government is spending your money. Caution: It may ruin your whole day!

  5. Who is The AGC (Associated General Contractors) of America and what does it do?

    ...and about your health...

  6. You're invited to participate in a "Walk to Defeat ALS" to be held on April 27, 2013. This is an annual fundraiser to support efforts to fight and combat a disease that affects men and women of all ages, ethnic and socio-economic groups and races. Learn more about this insidious disease right here in our community and what you can do to help wipe it out. Go to The Jim "Catfish" Hunter Chapter of North Carolina to sign up for the walk and/or make a donation!

  7. Do you have high blood pressure? Better check out The American Heart Association. Heart disease is known as "the silent killer" because it sneaks up on you. Be careful. Check that blood pressure.

  8. There's always something new to worry about healthwise. Now there's something called Wet AMD. It only seems to affect older folks above age 60, but it sounds like it's nothing to trifle with. Better click on Wet AMD. for yourself or someone in your family above sixty years of age. We're talking potential blindness here, folks! Be careful.

  9. Did you get the movie quotes right? Here's who said them and when.
        1. Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Terminator, 1984
        2. Sidney Poitier, In the Heat of the Night, 1967
        3. Judy Garland, The Wizard of Oz, 1939
        4. Vivien Leigh, Gone With the Wind, 1939
        5. Tom Hanks, Apollo 13, 1995

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