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The Church of Pentecost, Romeoville, IL

Romeoville, IL


About seven years ago, a developer in Romeoville, IL developed a 20,000 square foot building and segmented it into eight suites to be sold as condominiums to individual
medical practices. Unfortunately, Romeoville suffered its share of the economic downturn, so the building sat empty and unsold and never achieved its initial purpose. The
Church of Romeoville discovered its availability, made an offer to the willing seller, gained approval from the Village of Romeoville Community Development Department for the necessary change of zoning and acquired the building. The Church received enthusiastic ajpproval and support from the surrounding neighborhoods as well.
Clary Architecture was selected to provide the professional design services and the project began.

The major problem that had to be addressed was the support of the roof structure of the building when so many of the wood-stud bearing walls had to be removed to allow creation of a large space for the sanctuary. Even though there were
no structural design drawings available, our structural engineer, Kilpatrick Engineering Group of Cornelius, did an indepth survey and on-site examination of the existing structure and, by means of some heavy steel long span
beams and sizeable steel columns, came up with a design that let us provide a sanctuary of approximately 8,500 square feet for a fan shaped sanctuary that will accommodate between 350 and 400 persons on high-attendance
occasions. In addition, a sizeable fellowship hall for banquets, denominational conventions, seminars, etc. was also achieved as well as Sunday School and educational classooms, administrative offices, Baptismal Parlor, public
toilets and miscellaneous meeting rooms were provided.

Construction cost, undisclosed.

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