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Here's an update on the work we presently have under contract or have recently completed:


The Church of Pentecost, Romeoville, IL - The Church of Romeoville decided to expand into the suburbs of Chicago, IL and selected the community of Romeoville, IL which is about 23 miles southwest of Chicago. An unfinished 20,000 square foot medical office building that was victim of the economy in the depressed Chicago area was available and up for purchase. The Church purchased the property, engaged our services to completely redesign the interior of this one-story building which was originally built to house eight medical condominiums. Special structural attention was required to remove a large number of the load-bearing wood stud partitions and provide heavy steel columns and special designed long span steel beams to support the roof over large assembly areas. When completed, the church will have a sanctuary space large enough to provide seating for approximately 350 to 400 persons, a fellowship hall of size to seat 140 to 150 persons in banquet style seating, classrooms for teaching and similar activities and administration space.

Los Reyes Markets - This is a repeat-client who has several supermarkets in our city catering especially to the Hispanic community. From time to time they need to make changes within their stores, add equipment, expand, etc. and each modification requires submittal of drawings to the code enforcement authorities for a building.permit. This latest project is the tenant upfitting of some space within a large international supermarket in town to create a bakery. In this instance, drawings did not have to be submitted to the Department of Health as most food preparation entities have to do because this is identified as a "bakery" and, oddly enough, the State of North Carolina requires the design and construction of bakeries to be under the jurisdiction of the Department of Agriculture instead of under the Department of Health. Go figure!

Viva Chicken Peruvian Rotisserie Chicken, Charlotte NC. - This is another repeat-client for whom we've done work in the past and have maintained a very good relationship. They bring to Charlotte a unique cuisine from the Andes of South America and they have been well-received in their first restaurant in the Charlotte area in Pineville. Now they're locating on the fringe of the downtown area in the Elizabeth community and will be well-received there as well. There's a total seating capacity of 70 persons and one of the features is the newly added patio for outside dining to the old Anderson Building which has been the home of good eating for many, many years. Viva Chicken will keep that tradition going! Viva Chicken!!

Haz-Mat Environmental, Charlotte, NC - Although the bulk of our services as architects pertains to the development of, renovation to or additions to buildings, many times we are called upon by Owners to assist in modifying their sites to gain the highest and best use of the sites or comply with or adjust to new site regulations imposed by governing bodies. Such was the case with Haz-Mat when they were advised ty the City of Charlotte that the hazardous materials storage tanks were not in compliance with zoning regulations. The company had not done anything wrong, it was just that the site had expanded without knowledge of and inadvertantly out of sync with regulations that were simulaneously being developed contrary to the company's growth. The company was notified that certain regulations had come into existance that needed further compliance. The situation was exacerbated by the Company's acquisition of additional adjacent property and there was a situation that had to be rectified. Our task was to work with the City, the Owner and his attorney to determine what changes had to be made, how those changes would affect vehicular access, what setbacks from the neighbors had to be honored, the anticipated continued growth of the Company and how all could again be made compatible.

Famous Hair Salon, Carolina Place Mall, Charlotte, NC - This national chair of hair salons decided to set up shop in Charlotte and chose to be located in one of the most active and visible malls in the Metrolina area. And they called upon Clary Architecture to provide the professional design services necessary to establish themselves and go into business. Standard architectural and engineering design services were provided and the time and cost budgets were met.

Work not yet under contract but still on the radar!

  • Move existing church into new facilities in nearby southern state.
  • Education building for former church client
  • Restaurant in suburb of Charlotte for former client
  • Shelter and training center for homeless veterans


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